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Cover of Palace of the Red Pasha
Palace of the Red Pasha
5th Edition
Level 16
35 pages

There is little time to celebrate the victory at the Well of Dragons. The Lord’s Alliance believes the Cult of the Dragon has a stronghold in Calimport, the home of vanquished cult leader Severin Silrajin. To find the secret stronghold, the heroes must explore the Palace of the Red Pasha in the city’s Wizard’s Ward. Can they unravel the cult’s next insidious plot? This is a Dungeons and Dragons adventure for characters of Level 16, springboarding from the events in The Rise of Tiamat in the Tyranny of Dragons storyline, although it can also be played as a stand-alone adventure.

Cover of SB16 - Zagzon's Vault
SB16 - Zagzon's Vault
5th Edition
Levels 14–18
24 pages

SB16 – Zagzon’s Vault has an upper level (16th) group of PCs discovering an old tomb being discovered by a group of Halfling children. The remains of an evil necromancer lies within but he’s not quite “dead” and neither are his followers that were also entombed with him. Traps, tricks, and hurt lie within this adventure and it is not for the faint of heart!

Cover of The Mystic Circle
The Mystic Circle
5th Edition
Level 1
11 pages

An offer of exploration and adventure leads to a chilling underground dungeon. A mystical object is being asked to be retrieved by the local Wizard. This is the second adventure in a miniseries with the following adventures being: A Chance Encounter An Urgent Rescue A Dark Veil Falls

Cover of Kalzok's Hideout
Kalzok's Hideout
5th Edition
Medium Level
15 pages

Kalzok the Minotaur pirate discovered an old smuggler's hold on a tiny island in the Nelanther Isles, not far from Nemessor. The island sits amid a dangerous archipelago encircled with scores of hidden shoals that is avoided by all but the most daring or foolish navigators. The area's waters are notorious for claiming the ships of unwary sea captains who tried to steer through the gauntlet of hidden reefs. This offering includes an overview of Kalzok's island along with the details of Kalzok's hidden lair.

Cover of The Lost Dungeon of Rickedness: Big Rick Energy
The Lost Dungeon of Rickedness: Big Rick Energy
5th Edition
Level 1
44 pages

Listen up! You're in my dungeon now, Morty! On Earth C-141, I'm a LEGENDARY D&D adventure writer! When people think of impossibly difficult dungeons or winding, labyrinthine maps, those things ain't Gygaxian - they're SANCHEZIAN! I do whatever I want over there, and they eat it up! I'm a celebrity Dungeon Master there, too! My livestreamed show, Cynical Troll, gets a billion views a day! It seemed a little selfish to contain all that GREATNESS to a single dimension, so I lifted one of the all-time favorite Sanchezian adventures and snuck it back here to dimension C-132. (Usually that kind of s**t is frowned upon, but it's just a D&D adventure. We're not exactly violating the Prime Directive or whatever.) This is a good old-fashioned dungeon crawl for a party of 1st-level adventurers, whose character sheets in this box should also contain. They'll probably reach 3rd level by the end of it. So here it is. This adventure brought peace to a warring galaxy. What did you ever do? Oh, you picked up this adventure? Good start. And awaaaay we go!

Cover of A Dark and Stormy Knight
A Dark and Stormy Knight
3rd Edition
Level 1
8 pages

Long ago, a small but mighty humanoid kingdom existed in what is now the local wilderness. Bugbear and ogre warriors fought brutal wars of expansion, earning great fame and amassing considerable fortunes from their predations. Those who died in battle were buried in large tomb complexes dug into hillsides and honored as patrons of the living. Among these tombs was the large tor known as Hightower. Though it was neither the largest nor the most famous of the kingdom's tombs, Hightower did represent a typical example of this kind of structure. As happens to all such nations, the cruel humanoid kingdom eventually fell to a more powerful foe that razed all its cities and outlying fortifications. Of the tombs, only Hightower escaped destruction -- largely because it was an unimportant monument in a remote location. A few tribes of humanoids that survived the devastation tried to use it as a fortress, but the humans with whom they clashed defeated them soundly and sealed the entrance with a huge, round stone to ensure that the tor could no longer be used as a base. Since then, Hightower has served as a landmark for travellers in the know, but it has otherwise been largely forgotten. But the electrical storms that have plagued the area in recent days have been quite severe, and a few weeks ago, a stray lightning bolt broke open the stone seal. Tonight, yet another terrible storm is sweeping through the wilderness, driving all creatures to take shelter where they can find it. Hightower looms on the horizon, and its door is no longer blocked. Will the PCs dare to enter its silent halls?

Cover of Temple of the Basilisk Cult
Temple of the Basilisk Cult
5th Edition
Level 1
21 pages

Something sinister stirs in the jungle. When a vicious cult attacks an archaeological dig site, the players are the only ones who can stop the bloodbath! The party must enter the dangerous wilds and find the basilisk-worshippers' hidden temple – before they strike again. It includes: -Four brand new monsters -Dangerous jungles, crumbling temples, and terrifying traps! -A carefully crafted format to make running the adventure easy at a glance -Combat cards for each monster, PC, and special treasure -Digital maps for use with virtual table tops

Cover of Under The Devil’s Thumb
Under The Devil’s Thumb
5th Edition
Level 5
14 pages

The city is plagued by an affliction being called "stone sickness" or "the gorgon’s touch" that disorients people and turns them to stone. Those with, or suspected to have, the affliction are being banished from the city. Some demand a cure, but most are just scared for their loved ones. A ravenfolk woman named Spinel Larkdon, mother to a child with the gorgon’s touch, begs the PCs for assistance. An artifact known as the Shroud of Tiberesh, capable of curing any sickness, is locked away within The Umbers' vault of spoils below the city. Passionate, she is determined to save her son and all those afflicted. Fortunately for the player characters, completing the Umber’s Gauntlet alive means they are not only entitled entrance into the cult, but also a single item from its vault of spoils. The PC's only hope of procuring the Shroud is by traversing this initiation Gauntlet – a series of traps, monsters, and puzzles devoted to the demon-god Nakresh - and claiming the Shroud as their prize.

Cover of The Maze of Zayene M1 - Prisoners of the Maze
The Maze of Zayene M1 - Prisoners of the Maze
3.5 Edition
Levels 8–12
60 pages

To Kill A King Death to King Ovar the tyrant! Life to law and order! Four characters are charged with a mission so insane, so daring, that terming it an assassination does not do it justice. Are the four volunteers who would lay low King Ovar killers or heroes? If murderers, how are they better than the madman theyre assigned to kill? And even if they are mere assassins, are they determined enough to overcome the Maze of Zayene? Snared in the Wizards Web

Cover of Temple of the Zealots
Temple of the Zealots
4th Edition
Level 6
6 pages

A group of snaketongue cultists has occupied an abandoned, partially sunken temple near a swamp. They grow impatient waiting for their yuan-ti master to join them, unaware that he has been slain by a rival faction of yuan-ti. Frustrated, the cult strikes against nearby villages in the hope of drawing the favor of Zehir. Investigating rumors of a serpent cult harassing a nearby town, the PCs have explored the swamp and discovered the overgrown temple. Its once-ornate stone door now hangs off its hinges, providing a narrow space for one character at a time to squeeze through. Pgs. 42-47

Cover of FV13 - Temple of Theasn
FV13 - Temple of Theasn
5th Edition
Levels 7–9
22 pages

Your party ventures towards the small town of Stoneridge to procure some of the ale reputed to be the finest in the area. As you near the community you meet a caravan group and learn of a problem ahead. A group of miscreants has been creating mayhem in Stoneridge and the party will discover that the brigands are in possession of a strange artifact and are seeking out the Temple of Theasn. Perhaps interviewing some of the captured warriors will reveal more information.

Cover of The Warlock's Crypt
The Warlock's Crypt
5th Edition
Level 9
4 pages

"The Warlock's Crypt" is a fext and noctiny lair suitable for four 9th-level characters. This adventure can be completed in a single session. An ancient warlock king known as the King in Silver, whose patron was Death itself, knew he was growing old and would soon die. The aging king pledged the souls of his two sons, the Black Prince and the Red Prince, to Death in exchange for his own eternal life. As the final worlds of the pledge pass his lips, the old king collapsed to the ground, dead. Elsewhere in the castle, the two young princes died suddenly in their sleep. All three were interred in the royal crypt within a nearby burial mound. ultimately, the king got what he asked for - he and his suns were returned to life as fext in the service of Death itself. When the fext awoke and climbed out of their coffins, they were confused because it seemed they were trapped within the small royal crypt. Then, the King in Silver discovered a secret door leading to a hidden stone stair that descended into a complex of ancient tunnels and chambers. At the far end of the complex, the fext discovered a second set of ancient stone stairs leading up through a shaft to a hidden exit on the surface. The three fext now lurk within the lower chambers, doing their patron's dark bidding. When commanded, they creep forth from the crypt to spread death during the dark of night.

Cover of Igor's Challenge
Igor's Challenge
5th Edition
Levels 1–10
10 pages

Igor's Challenge is a 3-4 hour, non-lethal, funhouse style dungeon. It is a self-contained adventure that should fit into any campaign or serve as a one-shot adventure for any group. The adventure can fit a party of any level and size with only minor adjustments. Igor is an eccentric gnome inventor and retired adventurer renowned around the world. He has sent out invitations to adventuring groups to come compete for his latest, greatest invention. The competition will take place a few days hence in the village of Penthill and consist of a race through his specially created challenge-dungeon. Igor's Challenge includes a unique magic item, a small village with locations and NPCs, an encounter and story with a legendary NPC (stat bloc provided), and a 33 room dungeon of traps, tricks, and puzzles.

Cover of Far3 - Xiomara's Globe
Far3 - Xiomara's Globe
5th Edition
Levels 3–5
18 pages

Far3 – Xiomara’s Globe puts the players inside a glass ball, owned by a strange enchantress. Once stuck inside their transparent prison, the players must search for a way out. The cursed fortress inside the globe has quite a few dangers to be overcome before an escape is even possible! One version of play was recently featured on The Bard's Podcast (Soundcloud).

Cover of West Marches Company: A Grim Promise
West Marches Company: A Grim Promise
5th Edition
Level 3
70 pages

The lands that lie west, across the great sea, are uncharted. The West March Company has spent a fortune on an expedition to loot and tame it. You are part of that expedition. You are the desperate, the outcast, the destitute. This new world is weird and dangerous. Rumours abound of a city of tombs. A cursed dwarven fortress in the mountain. Mist-covered swamps that howl in the night. Pass that treasure map around the table. Drink deeply from your cups and imagine what awaits in the wilderness: gold, glory, death. Inside West Marches Company: A Grim Promise you'll find: Twelve new monsters to surprise and terrify your players. A cult of worms, a city of tombs, centaur khans and a twenty-page dwarven fortress dungeon crawl with over forty rooms. Loaded with art, evocative descriptions, weird NPC's and 2 new magic items. High resolution maps of both dungeons: Kazad Mor The Cursed Dwarfhome and Tunnels Beneath Fort Bramble This module can be run as a standalone adventure or as a west marches style game.

Cover of Journey to the Inside Out
Journey to the Inside Out
Levels 2–4
43 pages

Beneath our feet is the mythological hollow world – a realm of dense jungles, putrid swamps and rugged mountains. Here a brave party will struggle for survival as they seek to fathom the unseen expanse and to prevent a once defeated god to rise again. ‘Journey to the Inside Out’ can be played as a stand-alone scenario or be used as the first installment in a trilogy of connected adventure modules each taking place in a different era. The scenario can be used with Swords & Wizardry or any other early variant of game rules. Inside you will find: • A 40+ page old-school module with a layout optimized for fast and easy interfacing. • A challenging lost world setting with the possibility to toggle the complexity. • Alternative suggestions for entry to the hollow inside. • Downloadable maps for both players and the Referee. • Story-points for a guided scenario and tables for sandbox and hexcrawl-style play. • Advice for an ongoing campaign. • Locations allowing the PCs to travel to another era within the setting. • Unique new creatures. Published by CTM Publishing.

Cover of SQ3 - Hatadage Cult
SQ3 - Hatadage Cult
5th Edition
Levels 1–3
17 pages

SQ3 – Hatadage Cult takes a group of initial adventurers on their first challenge. This short adventure allows a group of new or low level PCs hear news of a kidnapping from a nearby thorp. Role playing will be key to learning more about the disappearance before heading into the hills near some old ruins. This is the site of a group of cultists that have kidnapped the young woman and mean to use her in a sacrifice!

Cover of Curse of Strahd
Curse of Strahd
5th Edition
Levels 1–10
256 pages

Under raging storm clouds, the vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich stands silhouetted against the ancient walls of Castle Ravenloft. Rumbling thunder pounds the castle spires. The wind’s howling increases as he turns his gaze down toward the village of Barovia. A lightning flash rips through the darkness, but Strahd is gone. Only the howling of the wind fills the midnight air. The master of Castle Ravenloft is having guests for dinner—and you are invited. Spans levels 1-10.

Cover of Die Vecna Die
Die Vecna Die
Levels 10–13
160 pages

The End of the World Is at Hand! A hideous death cult has seized control of an ancient artifact-monument known as Tovag Baragu. The power behind the cult is the Old One himself, Iuz the Evil, demonic master of an empire. He's on an all-or-nothing quest for supremacy over the world—and the heavens beyond. To stop him, heroes must face horrors never dreamed of, journeying to a shadowed city where Death rules and the living cower. Here, Iuz will achieve his mad dream by destroying the imprisoned master of that alien citadel: Vecna, the mightiest lich, an immortal demigod. Two items exist with the power to stop Iuz—the Eye and the Hand of Vecna—but using them carries fantastic risks. Not even the gods know what will be unleashed when these items are fully activated. Die Vecna Die! takes the heroes from the Greyhawk campaign to the demiplane of Ravenloft and then to the Planescape city of Sigil. However, none of the material from those settings is required for play. TSR 11662

Cover of Here There Be Monsters
Here There Be Monsters
3.5 Edition
Levels 7–9
29 pages

A long, perilous ocean journey behind them, the crew of the Sea Wyvern finds itself shipwrecked on the Isle of Dread. Their destination lies well over 150 miles to the south, miles heavy with the threat of the island's terrible inhabitants. Yet the unknown enemies are far more sinister, for more than just dinosaurs hunt the vast jungles. Before long, a cunning fiend picks up their trail, and its duplicitous master demands their sacrifice. "Here There Be Monsters" is the fourth chapter of the Savage Tide Adventure Path, a complete campaign consisting of 12 adventures appearing in Dungeon. For additional aid in running this campaign, check out Dragon's monthly "Savage Tidings" articles, a series that helps players and DMs prepare for and expand upon the campaign. Issue #352 of Dragon explores the Isle of Dread in detail, providing a complete ecology of the island and the writing of Larissa Vanderboren. This article can be used as a player handout to represent the journals the group recovered from the Vanderboren family vault in the first adventure in the Campaign. Shipwrecked on the Isle of Dread! Faced with a dangerous journey, the PCs must escort a ragged band of castaways through monster-infested wildlands in order to reach the safety promised by the colony of Farshore on the isle’s southern tip. Pgs. 32-60